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02-21-2012, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I'm sorry, but I think bold is completely wrong.

We're not an offense or bust mentality, we are a constant pressure mentality. Part of that requires that forwards and defense play the system perfectly in terms of timing and positioning.

To be perfectly frank, we haven't been playing Laviolette's system all that badly with the new guys. We started off very well in fact before a few other injuries crept in.

Most of my nonsense about us not playing Laviolette's system perfectly is more over-exaggerated than anything. Yes, we aren't playing it perfectly, but we're still playing it well enough to compete for the division and go deep in the playoffs.

Bryzgalov has failed us. Simple as that. The amount of games he's lost for us is absolutely inexcusable. If it was Leighton, then okay, we picked our poison. At 5.67m/year, Bryzgalov's play is outright inexcusable.
hey we can agree to disagree. IMO its very goalie unfriendly as a system if the 5 men are not giving great effort.

IMO...once the puck gets into a high quality scoring area I take alot of blame off of the goalie.

We don't protect the triangle in front of our net adequately at all, and I'll agree it's the forwards that have been letting us down on defense...not our d core.

The most telling thing with bryz has been his stats in his wins vs losses.

Now...I don't like his contract, and wouldnt have signed him. I was fine growing with bob and then targeting a Vet at the deadline this year.

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