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02-21-2012, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
That's a really interesting point you suggest GWOW (not sure if you were serious). It's actually a thought that's been lurking in the back of my head all along. I honestly don't know how I'd feel about that.

Pros: Goes a ways towards addressing the future salary cap problem. The team's been doing fine without the "real Marc Staal" (you can see him making incremental progress, but the fact remains that this year McD and MDZ are much better/more important than Staal). Do we need him with our current stable of defensemen and prospects? The concussion will be a concern until it's not. And you might even be able to squeeze out an additional asset from CLB if you were willing to move Staal.

Cons: It's Marc Staal. He, along with Hank, were the first lights at the end of the re-build tunnel. His value is probably diminished right now due to injury. When fully healthy (likely next year), he's an incredibly valuable commodity as a shut down D-man on a favorable contract (heck, folks last year on this board and the Ducks' agreed that Ryan for Staal straight up was probably fair). I feel like Staal as only PART of a package for Nash feels like overpayment.

But if McD and MDZ (and potentially Erixon) are as good as we think they are, do we then absolutely NEED him...? At some point this stable of defensive assets needs to be used to acquire offensive talent. Thing is, none of us ever considered that the first guy to start to build that stable would be the one...

It's really tough.
I wasnt being totally serious, but if I heard that trade was made, I'd be sad from a player-attachment standpoint but ecstatic in terms of money and quality.

But that is predicated on my belief that Erixon will eventually be equal to Staal in terms of production

Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
Honestly, GWOW, with that package Columbus would have to add.

Dubi is a lesser Nash, but Staal would be the best defenseman in that franchises history by a ridiculous margin.

Honestly, I don't trade Staal unless it's for another young top end player on a sweetheart contract, or rather not at all.

Dubinsky was a lesser Nash last season. This year he's been lost. When Nash has an off year, he'll produce on par with a career season from Dubinsky.

Trading Staal is a huge gamble. Huge, but the way the team played without him this season makes you think that they could stomach his loss for a decade or so

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