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02-21-2012, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post
Upper and Troschinsky both stopped around 5 years ago and came back in 2011, did something happen? Or do the owners just not care anymore?

Either way, interesting story, thanks
They still care, but as I hinted some few posts earlier, it looks like from this season the league doesn't consider Kazakh players as foreigners just like Belarussian players.

For example Upper's team Atlant.

5 foreigners:

Dual nationals nationals playing for Russia:
Rudenko (well not playing)

Plus there's German International Lewandowski who's still on International hockey hiatus since he started playing in Russia, so he's still "local" player.

And that leaves Upper as sixth foreigner.

For Vityaz situation is easier and it confirms my theory. They have five Canadians on roster + Troschinky. Of course, you can argue that there rarely has been a game were all of their Canadians been iced in a same game because of suspensions, therefore making juggling of six foreigners quite possible.

Same for Traktor - 5 foreigners + Razin (local player) + Kazakh international Vasilchenko.

As you can see I've not provided any links so I can be wrong, but it sure looks like that I'm right.

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