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02-21-2012, 05:49 PM
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best way to tell is to try

there are shops around with those cages where you can test the sticks, but often they'll only let you wrist em...

that's not a bad thing, cause at the end of the day... probably 90% of your actual in game shots are wristers/snappers

if you can draw the puck back, pull it through with an open to close and the puck flies the way you want... I think you're fine

probably is the "relative" height of the stick, and for a guy like me, I am old school and an 85 if plenty when cut down almost 8 inches (though I'm 6'0 195)

I notice alot of beginners have a tendancy to do this... when they shoot they look at the net... that's right, pick your spot... but like golf, you kinda gotta keep your head still, body static, and push through with your arm's, your hips and weight transfer so you actually use the flex of your stick..

many guys just "lift" the puck rather stay down and shoot it

or rather... i'd say, load the stick and point where you want the puck to go

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