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11-12-2003, 06:29 AM
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Originally Posted by sluggo
"No, Markov's value was significant enough to land what was perceived to be a good #2 Center at the time and a good roleplayer in Travis Green. Markov did blossom under Quinn. Quinn has also only been a coach of this team for 5 years. He arrived here and had nothing much in the system - you can't develop what you don't have"

Markov was good with the Leafs but he got better with other teams. And how can you say teh Leafs had no young talent for him to develop -Sullivan, Modin, Markov, Kaberle, Smith, McCauley. There weren't any in St. Johns, but they had a lot of young talent on the team.
Sullivan was too small, became a problem in the dressing room (you listen to Watters so you would know this) and was rid of. When sullivan does anything of significance on a team that matters in a game that matters, then come back and tell me he was a great loss.

What did Modin do besides putting up 30 points playing with Mats Sundin? Maybe his 0 points in 8 playoff games helped.

Smith was a Mike Smith trade.

McCauley, as I've explained, was not going to be much more than a role player here. Quinn gave him a chance but he didn't do much with it. Perhaps he should have stuck wtih him, but since Antropov was quickly emerging ahead of him, Amac fell quickly down the depth chart at C.

"In the years he's been GM, he's drafted the likes of Boyes, Tellan, Stajan, Steen, Colaiacovo. All those players are just now getting ready to start their NHL careers. Once again, your agenda against Quinn is clouding your judgement"

Trapp gets the credit for most of those players, and one of the few Quinn did draft (Boyes) was given away for a big, skating back injury.
No. I've explained this to you before, but you somehow keep forgetting. Trapp's FIRST draft was last year. This is well documented. Mike Penny and Pat Quinn ran all the drafts prior to last season.

"Antropov broke out last year. 45-50 points show signs of a 2nd liner in the league"

Antorpov had 44 pts last year, once he gets 50-60 he'll have broken out. This is the make it or break it year for Antropov.
I disagree. But since there is no universal definition of what a 'breakout' is (and since you cannot prove that a 50-60 pt season is a breakout season) Im not going to get into a circular argument with you. However, logically, coming off two reconstructed knee surgeries and minimal ice time, Antropov emerging as a capable scoring threat last season could be considered a 'breakout' of some sorts.

"McCauley had plenty of chance to repeat what he did in the playoffs in 2002. He was given the 2nd line C job at the start of last season and failed. Only you can forget that. Im glad that he started producing in SJ, but he, much like Sullivan and Modin, were players not pulling their weight here."

Ya, when you see a lot of young players not producing here but doing it as soon as they get moved it really shows that its the players not the coach or the position he put them in here. I guess they wanted out and just played bad so he'd trade them.
That must be true.

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