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02-21-2012, 09:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Les Wynan View Post
If you want to believe every PDO regression that occurs is a result of strategic adjustment, that's your right and I have no concrete evidence to disprove you apart from saying that it's extremely improbable. Some if it certainly is, some if it is definitely randomness. Either way, to concern oneself with that is to miss the point I think. The end result is the fact that percentages-driven success isn't sustainable in the NHL right now, certainly not on a team level and, except for at the margins, not at an individual player level. If your goal is to predict future performance, that's something you can use to your advantage.

The simplest answer is usually the correct one. In a sport that involves a randomly bouncing piece of vulcanized rubber as its focal point, and features 30 teams that don't have huge differences in skill between them, it makes more sense to attribute the fluctuations we observe in shooting and save percentage to luck or randomness or binomial variance or whatever you're comfortable calling it.
The mind of Les:

* Shooting percentage = completely random stat not based on skill or ability but totally based on chance.

* Shots and puck possession are the most important things ever, even if your team frequently out-shoots the other team and loses.

* Colin White hasn't been that bad this season. He's just had bad luck and bad goaltending behind him.

* "there's no evidence that players can suppress opposing shooting percentage"

* and..Stats, stats, stats, stats.

So Les, Why bother watching the games?

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