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02-21-2012, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Raikkonen View Post
Where do you get this ****? Can I ask some silly questions too?

What makes you think there will be dollar at all in 10 years?

Do you think USA can still live with huge debts and do nothing about it?

Don't you predict %some% inflation which will eat current contracts' value?

I'm 100% sure nobody of the star caliber was cut in the NHL. Ask Jagr or any other good player. Russian businessmen are capable of using cheats (in a form of sudden paycuts) if they need to but they do it against ppl who can't defend themselves.

Kuznetsov is on another level, you can't do it with him practically. He's already national hockey hero, big star.

I believe there could be conditions when Kuznetsov will stay and make a lot of money.

But I hope it's not about money for him yet.
Nothing personal bro but the KHL doesn't exactly have a whole lot of credibility yet. Take a look at the HBO piece from Real Sports tonight.

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