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11-12-2003, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by discostu
I also would like to see a statement by the NHLPA explaining why they are so against a salary cap
While I shouldnt speak on behalf of the NHLPA, I can understand why they are so against a cap.

1) It promotes total instablity in player movement and shortens their careers. Look at the NFL where players are treated like cattle and once you make more than league min you are pretty much replaced by another piece of beef willing to work for less.

2) Its not the players responsibilty to protect the owners from each other. Each team has a salary cap currently, they refer to it as a "budget". The purpose of a league wide cap is to protect NSH from NYR (for example) and they players shouldnt have to be the sacrificial lamb to make that happen.

3) If a cap was set at $31m, $35m or $65m, whatever teams like NYR dont spend just goes into the owners pockets. Even with revenue sharing, the NYR owners will still pocket all the unspent revenue and the players probably figure they are entitled to some of that cake.


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