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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Well... atleast LESS than 4 goals... like normal goalies usually give up. Like not even the better goalies in the league saves, just normal goalie saves. Is it really that hard to ask?

first goal was a fast one timer, how can anyone save that or see that, i dont think thomas would have save that.

second goal was fast wrist shot in front, that's a difficult save

third goal was a rebound goal cant fault him for that either, came out too fast, rebound saves are hard, you have to be lucky to save them.

this is never going to go away until the flyers win a cup, it's always the goalies fault, well goalies dont shoot pucks, block shots, check players, clear creases. if i was bryz or bob or any talented goalie, i wouldn't blame them for staying away from philly. it's always the goalie blame in philla and not the players.

fourth goal was a deflection screen by matt read over bryz, i dont think he saw that either and fans are complaining about it.

most of goals were in the middle of the ice and screens, that is what beats great goalies anyway, you cant fault bryz.

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