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02-21-2012, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
I'm not actually that upset about the future. My only real regret at this point is losing McDo.

1. Carey FFS wake up a bit. And he will when he gets a much better D next year.

2. We are developing absurd depth on D. Christ even Darren Dietz is becoming special. I think our D looks very good for the next 6 years, and we can trade the extras for good picks or effective forwards. We need to add a big crushing top 4 guy. We have the cash if we dump Gomer. Go after Suter. Overpay him 1 mill. Just GET him.

3. Max is superb, and Cole will help us the next 2 years. Gallagher is special, Bournival looks good, Leblanc looks very good. We do need another elite winger, perhaps in this draft, or by trade.

4. My only real concern: Center. We suck so bad at center. There is a real split on these boards on this, but I think we need a big, rangy, powerful no. 1, 30-50 guy. Imagine having that, and then Pleks on no 2, and Eller no. 3. AWESOME. DD? He can fill in, and play good wing too, or we trade him for a very good pick.

It is essential that we finish bottom 5 and draft a center if he's the BPA. Essential.
Wait, is it really a concern ? I mean, look at Boston...Or go the other way and look at Chicago (I know Toews is superior but I don't consider him elite offense contributor like the Malkin/Crosby/Datsyuk of this world....Much more like Plek on supplements.) You might want to look back in the past and see what it was like when we had our last Elite winger(Kovy) or even in 09 when we had Cammy before his injury. Our C depth is pretty good. It's up there with almost any team (Any team doesnt include Pittsburgh. And maybe not SJ.) What we need is a real quality winger to go with it.
We got one in Patches (Who is still young and will be better (i think...)). We got Cole, Gionta, AK(God please god..), Bourque who are all great SUPPORT player. So let's just pick any elite winger and put him on our (Healthy) roster and see what it does ...
IK its contradictory(WTF, is that a word?) of what the media made you(Not directed to anybody here.) belive but I think it's pretty logical..

Feel free to bring in opinions with arguments.

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