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02-22-2012, 06:08 AM
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Originally Posted by ubiquitous View Post
I say we scrap injury adds completely. 3 adds if you wanna be an idiot and use them all for spot starts you are screwed if you get injuries. In order to avoid the gong show with adding three on Saturday night id hazard suggesting a limit of one per day as well.

1 per day, 3 per week. Weeks are set by Yahoo. Simple.
So instead, come playoff time (when it actually matters) I will keep my 'stream' spot and fill it with a new player for each of Thursday, Friday, and Sunday (figure no openings Saturday). Heck, assuming I can find players playing on back-to-back nights, I can probably get one player for Sunday/Monday, another for Tuesday/Wednesday, and a third for Thursday/Friday. Best part is I don't get screwed by injuries because I save at least one add till Saturday night.

The point is, I'm fine with any of the simplified versions. But the reason we have a complicated rule is because there are ways to exploit the simple ones. If you want simple that's fine, but don't complain when people break the spirit of the rule without breaking the letter of the law.

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