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02-22-2012, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Revelation View Post
I understand an appreciate that you know the CBA very well, but what makes you think that cap-limit (read: large market) teams are going to allow themselves to be punished for spending to the cap in the new CBA? I could maybe see a cap freeze for a few years, but there's no way the cap goes down IMO. Also, there are much easier targets than Rupp, who actually serve a clearly defined role on this team. Rupp does his job, and not poorly either. NYR will not buy him out. His $1.5M is a drop in the bucket.
Rupp is overpaid for what he does. The Rangers had bigger plans for Rupp when they signed him

"I can move Rupp up and down the line," explained the coach, "in various positions. He'll bounce guys around and fight for his teammates. Mike is one real, good team player."

Rupp is a 4th liner with 2 more years of his contract.

Great guy. That's about it. He is not capable of playing on the 3rd line. The Rangers thought they were getting a more capable player. He looks like a diminished player.

The cap isn't going up with the players taking a % cut. Bettman will fight to the death to keep his hard cap and keep the link between the cap and revenue %. The Rangers have a boatload of players to re-sign. Instead of doing the same song and dance with the AHL,buy Rupp out. He can hook on with another team. The Rangers free up the money. It won't count against the cap. This team should have bought Wolski and Avery out for 1/3. Both of those players sucked out too much money for nothing. Avery has essentially been Georges Laraqued. He receives his salary and never plays. Avery hasn't been banished like Laraque was but he is a healthy scratch in the AHL. Wolski can't get into the line-up. They would rather play a D at wing instead of Wolski.

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