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11-12-2003, 09:25 AM
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Hi, I am new here but I would like to point out a possibility to you Foppa and maybe one or two others on something. I have an opinion that you might just be taking something the entirely wrong way. I believe that people are saying that Fluery "could" go the same way as young players like Storr and others of his ilk. Not that they believe that they certainly will. I think that saying that Fluery has the same chances of making it as a playing like Heatley is certainly appropriate and so is saying that he could run into the same troubles as Storr and other highly touted young net minders before him is accurate as well.

You seem from this vantage point to be saying that there is no possible way to compare these players when there are several simmilarities and in those is where the comparisons are founded. Certainly fair.
Given that, i still feel that you are taking it wrongly to say that other posters are sayint that the Pens are *certainly saying* that the Pens are ruining Fluery, they are merely saying that it is a *possibility* that they are. To think that these posters are stereotyping is incorrect from where I am sitting. Of course, i could be wrong, but it sure looks like are making some major assumptions in what others are saying by making that statement.

I am new here and am from New Zealand so I have no real hockey league here to follow and only have been a fan of the game since 90 so I am sure that I could be wrong and just not understanding things perfectly and apologize if that is the case. I just think that it looks like you and a few others are making a black and white assumption and I am not seeing the same thing.


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