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Originally Posted by Revelation View Post
I understand an appreciate that you know the CBA very well, but what makes you think that cap-limit (read: large market) teams are going to allow themselves to be punished for spending to the cap in the new CBA? I could maybe see a cap freeze for a few years, but there's no way the cap goes down IMO. Also, there are much easier targets than Rupp, who actually serve a clearly defined role on this team. Rupp does his job, and not poorly either. NYR will not buy him out. His $1.5M is a drop in the bucket.
I really don't understand this line of thinking. What makes you say that? The cap was just under 40 mil back in 2005, which was way below what some teams were spending prior to that.

The NFL cap went down this year. The NFL, which has revenues that more than triple that of the NHL and each team carries twice as many players.

And you don't think there's a chance that the NHL cap will go down? If the league gets its way and the player share drops to 50%, the cap will go down. And there's no reason to think they won't get their way after the NFL and NBA just did the same thing. The only possibility is that the league agrees to freeze the cap for a number of years the way the NBA did.

The bottom line is that there are just way too many unknowns. Until the new CBA is decided, we should be very careful about adding to next year's cap.

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