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02-22-2012, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Kiraly View Post
I don't feel it is too severe. For blatantly throwing the game, Ljubljana was fined 10,000 euros, the goalie (Pintaric) received a 6 game suspension and the coach gets three games.

It was a bush-league move which only damages the reputation of the league. I think the punishment was warranted.

Consider what would happen if an NHL goaltender pulled that move in a shootout. How would the NHL executive react?

Advance video to the 4:40 mark
Firstly, let me first comment on the shoot out - Pintarič thought on the second goal that the referee blew the whistle and that the penalty shot would be repeated, but they said good goal and that mad Pintarič very angry so for the third attempt he just skated out out of a protest (your video at 4:40). The protest were very clear to both sides.

Secondly, the punishment just doesn't make any sense. Last year Pierre Page turned around the bus of Salzburg players and they didn't play a play-off game in Ljubljana. What was the penalty? 5000€ (for Red Bull = nothing) and a suspension for the team leader and not Pierre Page who was responsible for everything... This year all of a sudden Olimpija gets a ridiculous penalty for not a foul play - in the rulebook it doesn't say how the goalie must make saves in the shoot out. We all know why Olimpija received such a penalty - the Austrian big 2 are playing in quarter finals already.

And lastly, Olimpija je iz Ljubljane, Olimpija najboljša je, Olimpija sveto ime je, zate mi bije srce! (use google translate)

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