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02-22-2012, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by PlayoffBeard View Post
Can someone explain the proper way to flex a stick? I always thought it was to push down on your bottom hand while taking a shot but I just recently read that pushing your top hand towards your body (kind of like a lever) while shooting is the way to properly flex the stick.

The most flex I have felt is when snapping my wrists hard while shooting and not really worrying about pushing on the stick. It seems like it takes care of itself.
Early on I used nearly all wrist and forearm strength and would kind of sail the puck from heel to toe and off the blade towards the target. I had good accuracy and sometimes a strong shot, but the release is quite slow and left power on the table. This is your basic "sweep" wrist shot.

As my technique improved and I shortened the stick, I focused more on cupping the puck and a push-pull method of shooting. Accuracy is just about as good with quite a bit more power and a quicker release. That's a more modern snap shot.

You don't want to consciously think about flexing the stick while shooting as that's counterproductive. As I said in my previous post, your main bit of resistance is the puck and a little bit of ice. If you're using the right flex, you won't have to think about it, except for when you're learning the technique.

Mentally when I shoot I'm focused on as quick a release as possible and going for the general area of my target. The faster you move your hands, the quicker your release, and the higher the velocity of your shot. Get the right flex and you will add power. Too soft and you will have a lag on your shot. Too stiff and you will lose power and potentially cause joint injuries.

One of these days I'll put a video together that explains it better than I can via post

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