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01-23-2006, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by DoobieDoobieDo
Vandermeer Dude, he totally kicked the guy's ***...
Vanderpoof tried a couple of swings then realized BoogieMan was letting him swing cuz Poof couldn't reach him. Then BoogieMan started connecting. Maybe 5 or 6 connected solidly.

Later in the game, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. The Wild had a 3 on 2 with BoogieMan on the right wing with Burns and Wanvig to his left -- that's a HUGE line ... I started snickering when I realized 3 freight trains were Chicago-bound. BoogieMan cut toward the middle as they crossed the blue line and received a pass which he dumped toward the left side boards where a teammate was heading. The Chicago D-Man stepped up to apply a hip check to BoogieMan.

BoogieMan leapt into the air to avoid the check. He didn't. His knees caught the D-Man flattening him. Your not going to stop 250lbs travelling 30 mph with a hip check. BoogieMan flipped into the air as either Burns or Wanvig plus the other Chicago D-Man got out of the way of the toppling, cartwheeling tower.

What was so hilarious is that I realized that while they stopped him, the mayhem that this guy can create is awesome. The Chicago D-Man is just lucky he didn't try to stand him up with a bodycheck. Both Wanvig and Burns are fast and love to throw their weight around. You add BoogieMan to that line and OUCH ... that's gonna hurt. I hope Lemaire puts this threesome together more often when we need a momentum change.

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