Thread: News Article: Why LA Should Get Carter, Not Nash
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02-22-2012, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Scottkmlps View Post
The cap hit is good, but the length isn't. There's a difference.

the length is the downside to Carter's contract, but the annual is very workable for a GM. $5.3M per season over the life of the contract and actually scales down in cost to $2M the last season. same neighborhood as JJ's 'friendly' contract currently. hard to say what will happen in 5+ years with the CBA, so no one can really speculate how the $$ will impact the cap that far down the road....or even where the cap will be at that point.

on the flip side Nash's contract scales up to $8.0M and $8.2M his last two seasons (2016 & 2017), but remains at a $7.8M cap hit per season.

the $3.5M difference per season adds a good salary for #3-#4 wing with good numbers...hell of an upgrade over what the team has now.

i would make the move to go for Carter over Nash personally. LA doesn't have the personnel to get both, let alone the cap room. take the lower cap and a few more years (that likely can be buried when he's 35) and move on.

BUT make this trade during the summer, when they don't have to pay a ransom for him at the deadline. can get much better value over the summer.

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