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02-22-2012, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
Okay this thread is absolutely incredible. You know why Bryz isn't stopping pucks through screen shots, because he has a terrible time tracking pucks all year. The Buff shot was stoppable. He could have his blocker over his pad and made the save. We tend to forget he is making 5.6 million dollars on our cap. He needs to make those saves, even through a screen. Goalies all around the NHL makes those saves, but since he was screened he gets a pass. I have supported Bryz throughout the year, but anyone even defending his play right now is down right silly. It has been terrible, absolutely terrible.

Bryz ranks 43 in sv% and 34nd in GAA. That means in both categories is he being out performed by every starting goalie in the league and in one category half the back-ups in the league are even out performing him. There is no excuse for that. He needs to step up and play better. There is no reason behind this besides he has performed pathetically as our starter. Don't give me that ******** that those stats are meaningless, they are perfect examples of how a goalie is performing. If his stats are that bad, he isn't stopping shot that he clearly should be stopping.

Also Bryz has not done what is definitely needed of him... with such a young team and some young defenders, there will always be mistakes. Veterans make mistakes also. Bryz has constantly blew opportunities to make up for these mistakes by our young team. He was brought in here to be the goalie that can clean up for such errors, and I only remember it one time him successfully doing so. It was against Buffalo when Vanek was stoned by him with the time running out on the game.

There is nothing else to be said about Bryz other then he has been dreadful. Stop creating excuses for the guy. He needs to play better if we have any chance of a deep playoff run, and by the way he is playing lately, it doesn't seem like he is capable of turning it around this season. I still hold out hope for him, but people stop defending him, its pathetic.

I know for myself, I'm not defending Bryzgalov's play. He has been terrible this year and there's no doubting that. With that being said, there's also mitigating factors as to why Bryzgalov has been so bad. I'm willing to write this year off because the Flyers weren't expected to contend and that the Flyers would have been lucky to grab a play off spot with all the changes made.

With that being said, next season is when I expect to see the real Bryzgalov - the 195 pound Bryzgalov and not the 225 pound Bryzgalov that showed up in camp after McCrossin told him to put on some weight.

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