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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
From the other thread...

This is where we need some clarification.

When you're holding a stick and get a hard pass, you're not really using strength. More than anything it's an indication of stick length being the predominant factor in determining actual flex. It doesn't matter if I'm a 150 pound beanpole or a 250 pound powerlifter. I'm literally just holding the stick and a puck comes at me.

You have to speak in terms of height here. I have a 75 flex intermediate, which is about the same as if you had a 65 flex full length stick cut down. It doesn't flex at all on hard passes because it's cut down to about 90-95 flex. I also have a 60 flex intermediate, which once cut down is about 70 flex. It flexes on passes to the point of being fairly unusable.

Once you get stiffer than the point of not having flex when you catch passes, that's the point in my opinion you are using too stiff of a stick. Again, a buddy of mine who's 6' uses 85 flex. He tried 75 once and it flexed too much for passes and his shots were all over the place due to excessive torquing. For me, I'm 5'8 and use a shorter stick and a 75 flex senior is between 100-110 and won't bend on slappers at all.

Another thing to keep in mind. For the most part with wrist/snap shots, you're using the puck as your primary piece of resistance. You do load against the ice a bit, but it's mostly a 6 ounce puck. That's why you want the stick to flex a bit when you push on it just a bit. If you can really get the stick to flex by giving it a light push, the stick will have an almost uncontrollable amount of bend once you start playing with the resistance of the puck.

My opinion is, ideally, you'd get just a little bit of flex/movement when catching and giving hard passes. Just enough to know it's there. At that point, a snapper will have a good amount of bend and slapper will just about max out the bend, just what you'd want. Yet the stick isn't flexing with quick stickhandling, which is a massive distraction.

Moving up would give you a stick that doesn't flex at all with hard passes or wrist shots, just a hair of bend on snappers, and a bit more on slappers. Lots of times those guys have good strong slappers and can bomb off pretty good shots, but they are leaving some power on the table with snappers. That's the preference.

Conversely if you go to the Hull type flex, you're getting a fair amount of flex on hard passes, snappers there is a ton of flex, and slappers you are losing energy because the stick can't store and unleash all that energy. Not to mention problems with torquing off target and the amount of lag on release of shots. It really takes an elite talent to be able to shoot with one of those, like Hull or Ovechkin.

Most of us will sit in about an 85 relative flex, meaning that if you're 6'2 and using a 100 flex stick at either full length or with a small plug, it's close to 85, or if you're 5'9 and cut down a 75 flex it's close to 85, or if you're 5'7 and use a 65 cut down a good bit it's close to 85.

a 100 flex stick at full length would be a 100 flex, as for a plug, each inch changes the flex by 3 flex

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