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02-22-2012, 02:56 PM
retardo montalbon
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The big goal that sucked last night was the flubbed shot off his glove that he sort of ducked at. I didn't like the look of that at all. but the other 3 were goals that could beat any NHL goalie. I really think he needs to play a lot bigger though. he crouches down so far in his stance. He really seems to move slower than he did in phoenix too. i am glad that laviolette didn't ***** out and pull him though. I blame that kind of lack of faith as one of the reasons he's in this predic and he's done that to both goalies too many times this year. If he's gonna recover his consistent play he's gonna have to be shown he's trusted and isn't walking on egg shells with every mistake. there's really only been 4 really good goalies from the start of the year anyway. henrik, thomas, quick, and howard. everybody else has been inconsistent and sloppy and most don't have the pressure and contract in a big market. factoring in all this, i think were getting somewhere. did the devils bail on kovalchuk last year, when he came out suckin?

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