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Originally Posted by Robin929 View Post
Looks cool. I liked the first game and will get this too.

I want

1. More variation (Driving, killing, shooting, running, quests landscpaes etc. (everything) The first game had good variation for awhile but after awhile some things felt repetive)

2. More open landscapes like eldersscroll and not just divide the game into zones. Maybe more epic wastelands that are eyecandy like skyrim?

3. Less restricted and more free.

4. Not 430202 dlcs, 1 is enough but i rather have none.

5. More boss battles?
Dude, the DLCs for Borderlands were amazing... And aside from ClapTrap Revolution, they added a ******** of extra playing time. Me and the 3 friends that play the game together spent at least 20 extra hours on Knox and Zombie Island alone, not to mention the Underdome (althoug THAT should have definitely been included in the original game)

I agree with most everything else you side, although Borderlands doesn't have the same, ponderous style that Skyrim has. I had no problem with the zones or the lack of any real beauty to the game (though it was nice looking in it's own right)

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