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Originally Posted by hyster110 View Post
i am pretty sure the flex rating for those sticks are accurate. in fact i know bauers are. i was recently in to purchase a new stick and was look at some moncton wildcat pro stocks. they have normal ones rated at 95 flex and ones about 4 inches longer rated at 95 flex. when i cut off the excess and flexed it, it was much stiffer then the regular length stick.
1) Those were prostock sticks, the player could have requested the stick to be 95 flex at that length. Retail sticks that are longer than standard 60" mostly are rated at the marked flex after a certain length, or buffer zone. You see this in Easton sticks and the newer Warriors (though the flex points are different thus making the length of cutting needed to reach that flex different)

2) 'Flexing' sticks in-store is a horrible way to determine if two sticks have the same flex. You are never going through that motion when using your stick and the stick is never designed to flex that way. And then you factor in mid-kick sticks who feel more flexible vs low-kick sticks and you literally have yourself a crapshoot.

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