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Originally Posted by dwreckm View Post
I went from a 3/4 to a 7/16 and noticed a big difference. I'm not a spectacular skater, but I was always fairly good at getting speed, and I lost a lot of that. I can stop easier now, but I miss my speed a bit. I also seem to make a lot more noise when I'm turning. I think I'm going to keep them this way though and get my hockey stop down and then gradually move back to a 3/4.
That's a massive, massive difference. To put it into perspective, a 3/4" radius is about as big as it gets, and a 3/8" radius about as small as it gets (very, very, very few players will go outside of this range). In sixteenths, that translates to the range of possible ROHs being from 12/16" to 6/16", and you went from 12/16" to 7/16", which is almost the biggest change you could possible make. It sounds like you're learning, I would just stick to 1/2" for now, it's the most popular ROH by far and is a fairly "do it all" depth for most people.

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