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Bobrovsky's interview to Sovetskiy Sport (2/22/2012)

Sergey Boborovsky: There is no such a thing as friendship here.
Sergey Bobrovsky interview to “Sovetskiy Sport” (2/22/2012)

“I agree with Jagr”

Q: There is never clarity with goalkeeper situation in Philadelphia. Have you gotten used to it?
A: Everything was new in my rookie season. Another world, another language… I was playing well in the beginning. Then, by the end of the long championship, I started to twitch, lost confidence.
I analyzed what I need to work on during the summer. Nobody cares about your condition or your thoughts. You have to get on the ice and bring victories.

Q: The trade deadline is next Monday, and any player can be traded. Are you emotionally ready to change the team?
A: I am in Philadelphia now. I try to help my team as I can. I am not preparing for a trade. I think about coming games only.

Q: Well, let me tweak the question: Are you emotionally attached to Philadelphia? Or do you think like Jaromir Jagr, who had said that it does not matter where you play as long as you play your best hockey?
A: Perhaps, I agree with Jagr. Most important is to play. Everything changes around very quickly. One should not get attached to something, or regret. The calendar is very demanding- 3-4 games a week. There is no time for emotions.
I respect Philadelphia, I like the organization and its people. But if trade happens… That’s life. And that’s my job.

Q: Flyers general manager, Paul Holmgren, said that he had never seen more diligent player than Bobrovsky. Was this a last year or this year evaluation?
A: Probably, an overall impression. I think that a person makes himself. I have an opportunity to gain experience, some skills. I try to lay myself out every training, to work on my strength, agility and psychology. Overall, I work hard to make myself better. The hardest part- I am not always aware when I get to play. Had I been told in advance, I would have worked even harder. Uncertainty is very uncomfortable.

“Ilya is a very good goalie”

Q: You were a starting goalie last season, now you are Ilya Bryzgalov’s back-up. Are you OK with that?
A: It is experience also. Ilya is a good goalie; there is so much to learn from him. Bryzgalov helps me and advises me a lot. I am thankful for that.

Q: Who are your friend on the team?
A: There is no such a thing as “friendship”. We talk in the locker room. I am not doing much outside the rink. I go back to my wife at once. Sometimes we go out to dinner.

Q: Was it the same for you in Russia? Or did you spend some time with other guys?
A: I do not like to digress during a season. I like to concentrate; there is no time for fun. Only when the season is over I enjoy being with friends- I am a different guy then.

Q: Is that your personality?
A: Yes, I am calm and reasonable. I do not like false in people. It deters me immediately. Other than that, I can find common language with anyone. I try to maintain good relationships and do good.

“Why did I even go to see Snoop Dog?”

Q: Jeff Reese told that he had invited you to the Snoop Dog concert last year.
A: I had just arrived in America, did not know a word of English. They spent a lot of time trying to explain to me that there is an opportunity to see Snoop Dog live. I have hard time getting it. I went with a few guys from the team. They talk among themselves and I am sitting aside. We tried to see Snoop Dog before the concert, but were stopped by a bunch of bodyguards. Who knows, why I even went to see him if I did not speak English?
Suddenly, the fight broke out near us between 2 huge black girls- I did not realize that there are fights here like at the Russian village disco.
I left at the half and went to bed early. Jeff and I agreed to start our workouts early. It’s more important to get ready for the championship than get loose at a concert.

Q: You visited a basketball match recently. Do you like the game?
A: I went to the NBA game in Miami- they have a great tem. Pity, Olga was sick and was not able to go. We had an opportunity to see it again in Philadelphia. We had court side seats. Great show!

Q: As exciting as American football?
A: I saw it once- it was boring. Scott Hartnell hosted a Super Bowl party. The whole team was invited. I went, but…I’ve got lost. I was not able to punch in his address into the navigator. I gave up after driving around for 1.5 hour. Sent him a text: “Sorry Scott…”

Q: Did your parents visit you?
A: Yes, they stayed for a month. We went to Miami for 5 days, we swam in the ocean. My parents attended “Winter Classic”- unforgettable show. I just let in a stupid goal. I was extremely upset.

Q: I told your coach that you played against the best goalie in the NHL and he corrected me- “the best in the world”. Have you been thinking about that loss a lot.
A: It’s worth to think about it for one day, analyze mistakes. You must clear your head the very next morning.
And when you are playing, it does not matter who is on the opposite end of the rink. The best or the worst- there are no authorities in this game. Yes, you respect your opponent. Lundquist is a great player. But when I get to play against him, I am not concerned with the name on his jersey.

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