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Originally Posted by Jackpot View Post
On Dreger:

Yes, it's pretty much up to Howson AND Nash...As the GM Howson has to get THE BEST return for Nash he possibly can. Then go to Nash and say hey, how about going to (insert team here). I'm sure those offers are on the table being mulled over. One thing working against Howson is the fact he would be getting the best return for Nash at the trade deadline as compared to waiting until the off season, so it would be wise to make the move sooner, rather than dragging it out over the summer.

Another thing working in the Rangers favor, even if a team like LA, Toronto has a better offer on the table, this doesn't mean Nash is willing to accept a trade to a borderline playoff team in which he would be expected to carry the burden of turning around one of the worst offensive teams in the league (regarding LA). May not be a HUGE hockey market in LA, but within the realms of the league it is asking alot and taking on GRANDIOSO pressure. Or living up to the expectations in a hockey driven market like Toronto where he would be lambasted by the media and fans if the Leafs were to miss out on the playoff's.

Also as many are aware, travel out west really stinks, play's a big role when player's are thinking about their future, and in this case LONG TERM future.

What I see happening :

Carter get's moved to LA before his NTC kicks in, poor guy just doesn't have a choice at this point.
This leaves things in Howson's and Nash's hands for 24 - 48 hrs over the weekend into Monday.

Howson: Do I take the great deal for Nash now the Rangers have offered, and I know Rick is willing to accept, or do I deal him in the summer for what will most likely be a lesser return?

Nash: Do I want to be put in the BEST CASE scenario to compete for a Cup. Do I want better travel, great organization, original 6 team etc..

All makes sense to me, but that's just me and I could be off by a mile, Nash might want to live in Hollywood on the west coast and loves long road trips..

I say 50/50 Nash is a Ranger by the deadline, and it all comes down to Howson. If he chooses not to move him now he might look like a fool for the return he get's over the summer as compared to what he MIGHT have received at the deadline. He could choose that route just to avoid looking like he got fleeced at the deadline with the big spotlight on. Making the move in the summer would be less drama with hockey out of the spotlight even if the return is less dealing Nash..

Dreger just stole my post !!!! On NHL Network just now on "Fact or Fiction" Does Nash get moved ? Dreger: "fact - The return would be better right now and if the best offer on the table is from the Rangers of the teams willing to make a deal take it, VERY SMALL list of teams Nash is willing to go to" Per Dreger

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