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Originally Posted by CSKA1974 View Post
I offer you Jeff Reese's interview to "Sovetskiy Sport". Funny thing- it was translated into Russian and I had to convert it back to English. So, needless to say, some things might have been lost in translation.

Philadelphia goalkeeper coach: “Bobrovsky is a workaholic!”

Q: It seems that Bobrovsky has significantly improved his technique, has not he?
A: Yes. The most progress was made with puck handling. Bob used to stay deep in the net. Now he likes to get out of crease, to stick handle a puck, to challenge opposing shooters. He has yet to learn how to read the plays, how to be more aggressive in certain situations, but minimize risks. He has no margin for error this season. He could have had a bad game last season and then he would start the next one. Now- he will be on a bench for a week behind Bryzgalov. But it is excellent experience for the young goalie. I am positive; Bob will be a starter in the NHL soon.

Q: Are you hinting about a trade?
A: Anyone can be traded at any moment in this league. But we like that we have 2 strong goalies here in Philadelphia.

Q: You have been working with Bob for about a year and a half. Have you learnt Russian yet?
A: No, no. However, I know a few words. Sergey has improved his English significantly- we have no problems communicating. I know, he is not comfortable yet giving interviews without an interpreter. He certainly sees the media pressure on Bryzgalov; therefore he wants to be understood correctly. He is unable yet to express himself freely in an official conversation. His wife has helped him tremendously. She is a very nice woman, who wanted to teach English in Russia.
I like Bobrovsky a lot. He is a workaholic. He spends a couple of hours on the ice and I tell him that overboard. But he leaves the ice and goes to the weight room.

Bob is rattled by the media lol

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