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Originally Posted by mikeandI View Post
you know i keep hearing all you experts talk about junior A versus major junior guys and how important it is that to be at the elite level we need Major Junior Guys.....
stauffer talks about it all the time as does the red army dude
do you know how much these guys are expecting to be paid
it is unsustainable!!
wudrick how is he doing? bad investment! could have got three guys who battle for that price
daily reddick ferguson at u of a? stupid cash!
cap what cap
dittmer and macauley how are they doing!!!
check their price tag compared to the above four
benias walker heck even hellyer, the crowley's, schappart? we probabley got em all for the price of the one of those guys above!
our junior A guys are good as well

these guys came here for the minimum... those above guys went for unbelievable amounts, our guys wanted to come home!! good on them
listen, talk to the coaches rather than sitting here on the blogs
the major junior guys want an arm and a leg to go to the CIS programs....for the most part they become 3 4 th line guys mostly 5th and 6 th d men cuz they wont compete unless the wind is going in the right direction... the junior A guys come in and compete, they dont complain are not high maintainence. they work hard and go to school for a reason
UBC decided not to go after WHL guys( at least I think that is what they did...?) and geez they get big milage out of their guys....okay robert i know they are in 5th place but how many under achieving WHL guys does a team have to have to be in the good recruiters hand book. geez lakehead has been a bust because they have over paid for far toooo many underachieving non student major junior guys for waaaay to long!! had to be said! and you guys are busting the coach because he was/is tired of these flops? they cant handle the expectations that come with the high $ price tag so they bail and blame the program the ****** league or coach. times up on these primadonnas
Wow you said a tone here.. but you need some numbers and facts to back all this up. I admit I have no idea how paying students to play hockey works. If you have insight on this let me know! I'm curious.

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