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01-23-2006, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by lynchmob450
I agreed with some of what you said previously (about Olympic corruption...), but you are smoking some bad dope to come up with the above statement.

The NHL closes its doors for 2 weeks to allow its players to play in the Olympics (and risk injury) for "ZERO benefit". You can't be serious.

The NHL benefits immensely from its presence in the Olympics...don't fool yourself.

(go Canada go!!)
go look at the numbers and get back to me... they close their doors and risk injury HOPING that it will get more people watching the NHL... it doesn't. i understand the "theory" that it does... but the reality is that it doesn't. i believe after the last go around they saw a small spike following the olympics and it then returned back to normal.

the NHL's problem isn't exposure, in most places there are more than enough games on TV and most teams do reasonably well in their own markets. the problem is that NO ONE watches other teams play on TV if their team isn't playing. you can't fix that by having guys playin the Olympics... you just have people collectively watching "their" team.

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