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Originally Posted by Mr. Canucklehead View Post
Jeez, impactful/well written is right.

I remember reading Sheldon Kennedy's book ("Why I Never Said Anything"). He covered all the bases without really taking shots at anyone other than James--but he also left the clear implication that what was going on was understood by a lot of people around the situation, and simply remained unspoken.

I just can't grasp how that can happen...with adults and people, and children's welfare at stake. If someone knew something, how could it not have been reported, dug into, or brought to light?
Sheldon Kennedy wrote in his book that opposing coaches would call him "Graham's little girl friend" or "f-word blocked by filter". But then when he went public with his charges against James, the same people pretended they didn't know.

The level of control that James exerted on his victims must have been unbelievable. Even as adults, Theoren Fleury, Joe Sakic and Graham James were co-owners of the Calgary Hitmen - and James was General Manager.

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