Thread: Eklund: Hemsky to Nashville E4!
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02-22-2012, 11:53 PM
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as an oiler fan i have to admit most oiler hockey followers feel they are experts because we have rinks on every block and hockey knowledge is gained thru osmosis.

just imagine living here.

they think hemsky is jesus christ and tell everyone.. "yeah sure he is just an ordinary one dimensional player but just you wait and have fiath for he will walk on water...its horcoffs and smids and gilberts fault...they dont suit the great jesus". they compare hemsky to gaborik...nope BETTER than gaaborik. i know its hilarious and you are probably rolling over laughing but this is how delusional people are here. they think he can play hockey.

frankly if hemsky was in the nhl entry draft today no one would even scout him because if you cant play defense you wont even get on a junior team.

so glad this chapter will be closed.

if we get a late 1st i will be kissing everyone i see and laughing just like the king at the beginning of "army of darkness" when ash orders the soldiers to let him go. i expect i late 2nd though.

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