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02-23-2012, 12:22 AM
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Oh boy...don't know what thread to stick these thoughts so here are just a couple things on my mind-

1) Didn't we have 2 groups of 6 out there in the final couple minutes against Pitt? So why does it come as a shock when guys like Mitchell and Boyle were put on the ice when we had what, 9 or 10 forwards out there from when Hank came to the bench til the end.

2) The doling out of ice time to Boyle and Prust. I am a big fan of Brian Boyle and I think he's been much better this year than last year even. Prust has not been as effective as last year but he is still a good soldier. Guess what folks, Boyle has been on the ice at even strength for 28 goals for and 23 goals against (Prust = 20 for and 16 against). Those are facts. Thats called being a +5 (Prust = +4). Brad Richards on the other hand has been on for 35 goals for and 36 against. -1 ladies and gents. So is the problem really that Boyle and Prust get too much ice time? I mean whose average minutes are too low? Our top forwards play 19-20 minutes and a few of them hardly kill penalties. Stop with this nonsense. Boyle and Prust are trustworthy and they help the team and aren't being overexposed. Facts are facts.

3) Enough of this "we needed goalscorers in order to beat Pitt since we lost 2-0". This isn't cooking class boys and girls where if the cake doesn't rise you know its because you were short on the flour. This is hockey. Avery could come out his first shift and forecheck like a gangbuster and ignite the whole team. He could come out and start cycling the puck and draw a penalty. He could have a hat trick in the first 10 minutes. Or he could be invisible. Anything can happen. If fans have certain preferences for who they want in the lineup it is to make us a more formidable team in general. Not to rewind to our last loss and insert the player into the exact carbon copy of the game.

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