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02-23-2012, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by akustyk View Post
maybe. maybe not.

it takes certain personal characteristics to mold with the Wings team/organization. among others the "team first" attitude, which not all players have it, and most certainly not many of those super-skilled guys like Semin.

it may work, but I doubt it. there was certain Lang guy who Wings grabbed from Capitals couple of years ago. also very skilled (even for the Wings team back then) with the promise of "tearing it up". at the end of the day fans in Motown were ecstatic when the contract of Lang is lazy and he sucks(TM) expired.

please don't insult me with Milbury! thank you.

as for the reasoning behind my opinion - I prefer it when Holland fishes decent players with less media hype around them. they're usually less expensive and more likely to work their way into Wings system and provide long term value. it seems to work for the organization judging on the last 10 seasons.

if the team was in dire need of offensive numbers, then such risk would be worth it. as it stands now... I'm not sure, especially when I think that he's not going to cost the 2nd round pick and a bag of pucks - Semin is absolutely worth more than Quincey at trade deadline!

I agree that in terms of position, skill set and frame he's great match. definitely.
it comes down to the price tag and estimation what is the chance of him fitting into the Wings system. there's where my reservations lie

of course. it's hfboards, you're anonymous, my opinion is different, so you have every right to ridicule me. I understand it perfectly.
Agree that the asking price is the key but considering he's a UFA....the risk is minimal in that sense....the Wings will surely be able to discern whether he fits in the next 2 gut instinct is he would in regards to Lang....Lang was 33 when he was traded to the Wings, Semin is 27 and far more talented.

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