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02-23-2012, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Minnesota View Post
Thanks everyone. Glad you all like it.

I wanted to add more images, but there's that pesky 24 image limit. Maybe in the future I'll start photoshopping everything together as one image.

I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, so I'd be struggling to make everything fit within the size limitations (drives me nuts when an image has that maximize tab icon above it). I also don't know how to break a larger image down into multiple 350x300 image squares like you did with the Spaceballs and Yogi Bear GDTs.
Slice tool in photoshop does the trick.
1. Activate the Slice tool.
2. Right-click on the image and select "Divide Slice"
3. In "Divide Slice" dialog, set: Divide Horizontally into 2 slices; Divide Vertically into 2 slices. the correct pixel amounts horizontally and vertically
4. Define optimization settings for every slice (in ImageReady use Optimize palette; in Photoshop - "Save for Web" dialog)

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