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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Mostly because being a Great player requires talent and heart above all else.
If it was just about being the best stickhandler, having the hardest shot, being the strongest, biggest or the fastest then guys like Kovalev and Nilsson should of blew everyone out of the water.
Instead we have scrawny little runts like Wayne Gretzky and Dom Hasek that blow everyone away.
It's not what your body can do, it's what your mind can make your body do.

This is why guys like Bourque, Jagr and Lidstrom have been able to remain top dogs spanning multiple generations.

What's the next argument, that those guys don't count because they are special or outliers?
I mean who the frak are talking about here?
It's certainly not the difference between 3rd liners in the 80's and 3rd liners today.

Enough of this crap, take it to the thread it belongs in
This argument is not just about being bigger, stronger and faster because a deeper talent pool would affect everything. With more people logic would say there will usually also be more available "talent". Even if you only upgraded the 3rd liners in the league then it would get slightly harder for the elite players to dominate.

I think you are equating "heart" to dedication here and todays players are probably more dedicated than ever before. Afterall, they are pretty much training for hockey year round now and if they don't you often notice it in their play. Ovechkin is a wonderfully gifted athlete but what the heck is going on with him now? Has he lost his god given talent or maybe he just isn't taking his conditioning, training and mental approach seriously enough now?

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