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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
At $9m, you had the right to expect him to be more than a 3rd line center. At $9m, he was not the player he needed to be.

And that is exatly what he is getting paid here. At $7.8, he had better be one of the very best in the league. Not a top-20, but a top-10. If he is not, then he is not worth that money. And it becomes a deadly mistake with a hard cap.

His salary demands that he be the top player on the team (henke aside) and amongst the elite of the elite of the league. Kind of hard to blend into the crowd that way.

PLD,do you truly believe that Nash is coming here to be just a complimentary player? At $7.8, if something goes wrong, HE is one of the first people the press go to to see what is wrong. He is not blending into the background.
Here's where we disagree.

Holik was never going to be more than what he was when he signed here. The fact that he didn't live up to UNREASONABLE expectations is not his fault. The Rangers needed a player like Holik, they went out and paid a premium for Holik. To expect him to be more than who he was is not realistic.

Gaborik is not a top 20 player and he's getting a measly 300K less on average. Nash need to do one thing and one thing only. Come in and score goals. Continue his 35-40 goal pace, and get his assist totals up to the 35-40 assist pace and he's MORE than worth the 7.8 he's getting.

His salary (again, JUST 300K more than Gaborik) was the result of Columbus buying 5-6 years of his UFA time. We all know that when a team does that they pay a bit more of a premium to get a deal done. For the level of talent he has played with in Columbus, he's lived up to that contract in my opinion.

Yes, I believe that Nash is going to come here and be as much a complimentary player that Gaborik is. Nash is going to be no more or less important to this team than Richards or Gaborik or Callahan is. The fact is he's not coming in to be the face of the Rangers. He's not coming in with nearly the same amount of pressure to carry a franchise than he has had to deal with while in Columbus.

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