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02-23-2012, 01:12 PM
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Don't do it, and tell your defense not to pass you the puck in that situation. They should be chipping it up the boards to you and letting you skate to it. Those type of passes are a great way to get yourself knocked out cold if you're playing in a checking league. How often do you see guys in the NHL get passes like that? Pretty much only on breakaways or if they're ahead of the defenders. In a proper breakout the defense should never be in a straight line behind you anyway. You should be crossing towards the other side of the ice, and his target should be the forward on the off-wing, and the guy at center ice. There are very few situations where a pass like this is a good idea, and most of them involve zero defenders in front of you, or you standing still along the boards, turned towards the middle of the ice.

It's a bad habit and your defense should be broken of it immediately. IMO of course.

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