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11-12-2003, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by sluggo
"When sullivan does anything of significance on a team that matters in a game that matters, then come back and tell me he was a great loss"

Sullivan has had two 60 and a 70 pt season since he left (considering he would be a second liner in Toronto, I'll call that significant) and had 20 GWG's in 4 seasons. Again, I would call that significant. Plus hes a young, fast winger. What are the Leafs missing? Young, fast wingers. MMMMMMMM, I won't if the leafs could use Sullivan on the team.

"What did Modin do besides putting up 30 points playing with Mats Sundin? Maybe his 0 points in 8 playoff games helped"

Yet in Tampa Bay he scores. Quinn doesn't know how to get young players playing. Right now he'd look really good on Nieuwendyks left wing, knocking in shots the Nieuwendyk can set up.

"Smith was a Mike Smith trade"

Which Quinn wanted to happen, if you think Quinn had nothing to do with this trade and didn't know what they Leafs were getting in return when he didn't object then you're really naive. Maybe Quinn didn't know Ferguson was going after Nieuwendyk until he readin the papers that Nieuwendyk was signed.

"McCauley, as I've explained, was not going to be much more than a role player here. Quinn gave him a chance but he didn't do much with it. Perhaps he should have stuck wtih him"

Quinn never stuck with him in an offensive role for very long. Unless you score in your first game or two (as a young player) Quinn sticks you in a checking role, with linemates who won't help you then claims "your not good enough". Just look at what hes doing with the Sharks, thats all you need to know he could have been a scoring foward for the leafs. Quinn stuck with the China doll rather then McCauley (6 goals and 8 pts in 16 games, not bad for a second liner) good choice. It was just one player, fine its not Quinns fault but its a patern. The leafs had a good group of young players and Quinn destoried that and brough in a bunch of 30+ year old checkers.

"*if you remember the series aginst the devils*"

Whenever I bring up Kaberles poor preformance in the playoffs against the Flyers all I hear is "don't judge him by one playoff run" yet everyone says Sullivan was useless because of ONE PLAYOFF RUN. No Leaf fan who knows anything about hockey wouldn't want this guy back on the team.
Sluggo What happened with Sullivan was at the time the leafs were to small I agree however it was a dumb move to give him up for nothing at all. And sure Sullivan would look great on one of the leafs top 2 lines but who's to say he would be the player he is today simply because he gets loads of ice time with Chicago..

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