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Originally Posted by FreddtFoyle View Post
Sure. Some guys are "induced" to play for national championships on a contender, especially when they are host. Some guys are "induced" to play for a team in a conference that will be sending reps to the World University Games next year, and are perhaps are promised that they have a good shot to make that team. Some guys are "induced" to play for teams in a conference where players get regularly seen by scouts and have good opportunities to crack the AHL or the lower minors when they're done. Some guys are "induced" to play for winning programs.

None of the above involves money going from a team to a student-athlete. That's not to say it doesn't cost money to build a contender when you pay for full time assistant coaches, video software, nice dressing rooms, out of conference road-trips and trips to the States, etc.

All the teams have the same AFA limits: 14 x tuition+fees. If your school has lower tuition costs than your neigbours, your total pot is actually smaller than them. However, folks need to keep in mind that few hockey programs actually max out their AFA limit, or "cap". So if a hockey program is not maxing out their "cap" because they don't have the needed financial resources from donors and they're competing for recruits against a better funded hockey program that is able to get closer to the cap? Well, that's just competition (or tough luck). Not every team in the NHL is at their cap and few teams in the CIS are at their "cap".

If your favourite team isn't maxing the cap, that's life. Live with it. But people out there (like certain Island coaches) shouldn't talk about other teams "buying teams" while they're trying "to build one". That's just sour grapes. Any coach/recruiter would max out his cap if he had the budget. Go find the money from your alumni and stop trying to insinuate that other teams are bending the rules ... without proof (and I'm not talking about you AUS Fan).

How about just marketing your team like this level of hockey should! Get some butts in the seats! LU gets 2500 - 3000 on average and I think those crowds should be bigger! this is a good level of hockey and many teams should be able to get better crowds than they get now. Marketing goes a long way. Spend a bit of cash to make some.

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