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Originally Posted by SensGal View Post
Ok, so a few more questions:

1) What hotels to avoid? I am thinking if it is 3.5-4.5 stars, I should be ok. But maybe I am wrong.

2) Planning on doing a mini bachelorette thing for our friend and was looking for a nice place for dinner and another place for drinks (it doesn't need to be a club, just a relaxing martini bar or something).

1. The only hotel I think that should be mentioned to be avoided is the Hotel Pennsylvania, only because a lot of out of towners seem to get drawn by it being across from MSG. It's definitely below the 3.5-4.5* level so you shouldn't be looking into it. In that range you'll be's only a question of space/location/value, they'll all be clean and safe.

2. Not sure if you mentioned it in a previous post but when will this trip be taking place? It can help in narrowing down a place for drinks. If it's when the weather will be warmer, there's a lot of great rooftop bars you might like.

As for dinner, more info needed. Any specific type of food you're looking for? And how much do you think each person would be comfortable paying (dinner plus drinks)?

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