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Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
We saw what the years of being away from the game did to Barry Melrose, was he not up to date on the game from watching and commenting on it every night?

Like Andy has said, he hasn't held an actual position in the NHL in over 15 years.
LA 199293 84 39 35 10 - 88 3rd in Smythe Lost in Cup Final
LA 199394 84 27 45 12 - 66 5th in Pacific Missed Playoffs
LA 199495 41 13 21 7 - (33) 4th in Pacific (fired)
TB 200809 16 5 7 - 4 (14) 5th in Southeast (fired)

Melrose coached 3 years in the NHL, made a cup final as a rookie head coach (thank you mr.Gretzky) then missed the playoffs the next 2 seasons.

Didn't coach again until 2008, where he was fired after only 16 games. A pretty easy case could be made that he wasn't given a legitimate shot his 2nd time around... or perhaps quite simply it was painfully obvious very quickly that he wasn't prepared for the task of coaching a team.

and besides, i think a very good case could be made that coaching an NHL team is much closer to a profession requiring precise/specific technical knowledge/skill than managing one.

A good GM surrounds himself with great talent in specific areas, leans heavily on them for their expertise, and shows his "skill" in bringing the skills of all the people he surrounds himself with together to form an effective whole.

no doubt that Mcguire's biggest adjustment would be in the people management side of things, however his experience working on his broadcast teams should lend itself to smoothing the transition from being a good "teammate" to being a good leader.

Melrose jumped into a role (coaching a group of players, most of which were just starting to play hockey when he last coached) that his media job provided little cross-over for, and quite possibly even hurt him for...

likewise, if we were talking about Mcguire as a candidate for head coach, a position that he actually does have direct experience with, I'd be far less inclined to view him as a solid candidate. While his knowledge of the game, and his understanding of strategy/hockey "x's/O's" is probably just fine, running practices and managing the bench during games is the kind of specific technical skill that direct recent experience is a huge asset...

it's why a guy like Hitchcock, who took some time away doing various things, specifically spent time away from NHL coaching working as a coach at other levels, and has stepped back into the role as good/if not better, than ever.

Coaching and Managing are very different "beasts"...

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