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02-23-2012, 06:24 PM
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definitely starts at the top...

during our playoff loss to the Bruins last year, at the end of each game they would show a quick glimpse of the management teams of both sides and how they reacted to the win/loss.

it was unbelieavable, and in my opinion, disgusting, how little emotion PG showed.

we can hate on Neely & Chiarelli all we want, but you can't for one second question how much both guys deeply care about their organization and its success.

not every person is as emotional as the next, but in the "business" of pro sports, an organization without emotion = a mediocre organization.

when you have a GM who looks about as "devastated" over a game 7 loss to a hated rival as he would to his waitress forgetting to refill his water, you've got problems from the top down.

as long as the leadership team favours stoic emotional detachment, wether "strategically" or by nature, it's hard to expect the end-product on the ice to be any emotionally invested.

even Gainey, the poster boy for keeping his emotions in check, showed the occasional emotional reaction... Gauthier? it's like guy really doesn't care.

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