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02-23-2012, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
He's a kid. He's learning. Better to give him second chances than chase him out of town like we've done to every other talented youngster to come through this city. Chill out.
I think that blaming him from time to time does not mean people wanting him out. I believe that in this board, though in most boards, not liking somebody AUTOMATICALLY means wanting those people out. PK has a lot of things to learn and I find that some of his antics needs to be taken care of. Nowhere does that mean I want him out. You can have something to be worked on and yet be valuable to a hockey team see....Ribs, SKost, Grabs, Lats, Laps etc. Unless you are a real known **** disturber and that your pros does not surpass your cons, you are a goner. And Subban is not a goner. As far as I'M concerned, with all the big mistakes we made based on SUPPOSED cancers of this team, it will take a whole lot for me to want a guy out. Doesn't apply to management though, I know....Yet, I believe that this management's cons surpass their pros but that's for another topic.

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