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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
During Doughygate we had discussions about agents, and many people praised Jack for negotiating his own dealwithout an agent.

Well I can guarantee you an agent wouldn't have let his client give a hometown discount for a very long term without any kind of NTC. Even a modified NTC that says don't trade me to Edmonton, Winnipeg, Columbus, Long Island, Montreal etc could have saved Jack.

Agents do serve a purpose, Jack learned that the hard way. He now has to spend the prime years of his career in a city I guarantee you he despises.
First of all, NTC only kick in after a player is a certain age. I don't know exactly but I think it happens when the player is around 27 years old, dependent on how old he was when he signed. So I don't think a NTC/NMC would have mattered.

Secondly, Gagne had a NTC with the Flyers and they still forced him out. So much for treating your homegrown players well. A NTC/NMC only gives a player so much control. He's from Michigan so Columbus is closer to home than LA is so now his family/friends can come and watch him much easier than they did when he was a King.

Also, after what the Flyers did to Carter, you can bet agents are warning their players about hometown discounts and player loyalty.

Finally, do you personally know Johnson? How do you know he despises Columbus?

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