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02-23-2012, 08:37 PM
Les Wynan*
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First of all, no coaching style in the league creates a team whose actual talent level is a 5.9% shooting percentage at even strength. This was a team that shot 8.5% last year and it's not like Terry Murray coaches a run-and-gun style. The Kings have been enormously unlucky on offense this season and that SH% will regress towards the mean...of course that has nothing to do with Carter or Johnson.

The real improvement from ditching JJ and adding Carter is that the Kings' shot differential will improve significantly. They're already 8th in the league at possession but adding a guy who has consistently been a positive possession player despite facing top competition and starting an overwhelming majority of his shifts in his own zone in Carter and dumping a guy who bleeds shots against like nobody's business despite being as protected as possible will improve the Kings' possession play as a whole. That's significant because even if I buy your implied premise that the Kings are a 5.9% shooting team (which I don't obviously...but fans always espouse the view that whatever has happened before in terms of results will continue to happen into the future...until, of course, it doesn't) the trade will create more shots for and relieve Quick of a commensurate amount of shots against, ultimately improving their -6 goal differential.

No one player in the NHL can come in and substantially improve a team but as far as trades go this is an overwhelmingly positive one for L.A.

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