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02-23-2012, 11:10 PM
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Few things:

1) Ranger TixEx...found a pair for 69 (less fees)....should I take them or wait to see if I can get it down 65 or 60 or 55?

2) Craig's List...found a pair at 80 per (relatively cheap)...same thing.

(I just don't want to buy and then kick myself seeing 60 or 50 dollar seats later)

3) I am going to likely drive, how pricey is parking and suggestions on where?

Originally Posted by WeWillWinTonight View Post
If you know the answer why ask.

Just don't see why anyone would try and drive around manhattan and find parking on a Saturday if they don't know what they are doing.

My opinion would be to drink beers and take a train, to each his own. Have fun see ya there
It is Monday night.
Because I am coming from it cost 30 per round trip.
I have to go to GCT then take a subway.

Originally Posted by drewcon40 View Post
Dexter - there is a garage on 34th between Madison and 5th or Park and Madison. They do not charge the "Garden rate"
How much will it be to park safely?

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I like to use Icon on 30th near 9th or if that's full another one further down 30th towards 8th. These are convenient if you're coming in from NJ.

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