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02-24-2012, 12:46 AM
Jason Lewis
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Originally Posted by Nex06 View Post
Yeah? So Brown and Kopitar haven't delivered and Williams, Richards and Doughty have? Can you elaborate on that?
No prob, and this is JUST ME...and what I see in game.

I more often then not NOTICE...Williams, and Richards. They may not be scoring but the guys look, and play like they care. They're in hard on the forecheck, they buzz around the net...they are never just floating ya know?

Too many games, it's been the 3rd period of a tight one...and I hear Kopitar or Browns name called and I say to myself, "Holy **** that is the first time I have heard their name ALL NIGHT."

Too many times they just look like they float. Both of them.

and the logic on Doughty...we just committed to the guy this offseason for a significant amount, I think he needs a little more time to become a huge impact. And he has played pretty well under Sutter.

Again this is just my own personal views on the game and I know many would disagree with that and that's understandable. I just always feel like the effort and tenacity is there with Williams and Richards. Brown and Kopitar....not so much.

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