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02-24-2012, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
Last year's team had me excited out of the gate but worried about the coach. This year's team had me worried abut the team more than the coach, but with each passing game after 10 or 15 or so, I became more convinced the chemistry was right, and the coach was solid, but I still expected only a moderate shot at the playoffs and a big learning curve with so many rookies in key positions getting so much ice time that the next legit cup run would likely not see Marty or Elias on the roster... But lo and behold, last 15-20 games have convinced me there's more than just a little magic present and a deep playoff run may not be so far fetched.

With that glimmer of hope, and the added voice of support for their coach and each other, this team has me believing despite the pre-season pessimism. I want Lou and Pete to show us it's real, and push the chips all in rather than fold the pocket jacks. Sure it's still a long shot given the opposition, but it's also completely possible nobody's sitting on a higher pocket pair, and despite the bigger chip stack in the standings, we can make the hands needed with a little luck and send some of our most beloved players into the sunset remembering how they hoisted the cup much more recently than I would have thought possible a little more than a year removed from our darkest point in a long time.

I welcome the fact that I can even muster excitement at this point to see how this plays out.

Go for it guys. My body is ready.
Amen good sir.

Originally Posted by Baggy Spandex View Post
The team I see this season is vastly different than the team I'v seen in seasons past. That's all the reason enough for me to be optimistic. Old formula wasn't working.

I don't want to hear "Goalie and no-name D is the same." It's just...different Just....something about this team has changed, and I like it.
I'm only 26 years old, but I remember '95 vividly. This team was SMOKED on paper to the Wings. Chemistry and hard work pays off.
I think one of the reasons I love hockey so much is because it's just such an emotional sport. Statistics, player rosters, etc....that stuff is important too, but hockey is just one of the those games where I think you have to look past some of that stuff and really try to have a feel for what is taking place. Everybody's opinion should have value regardless, however, I feel if you're truly in tune with this team and the vibes they're giving off, imho it's insane to not be excited about their chances. Teams that are capable kind of have a way of letting you know.

Coming into the season I fully expected this team to make the playoffs. After watching the first 20 or so games I felt this team definitely had promise for more despite the frequent brain farts. At this point, I think they have the attitude, work ethic and skill to really have a fair shot at dropping a few jaws. That's not to say they can't use some tweaking. Lou, in my mind at least, still has the opportunity to give NJ a better chance should the opportunity present itself come next Monday. But as it stands, NJ is much better then most people give (or want to give) them credit for.

This team started this mission in January 2011 and I just don't see them stopping until it's complete. Sometimes it's ok to believe. I know I do.

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