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02-24-2012, 07:06 AM
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I agree with much of what he says. But when he says we don't need a rebuild... he's right if you're only talking abou the playoffs. We've definitely got a lot of pieces in place to be better in the near future and we have some up and coming prospects on the blueline that could be good. A lot of the pieces are there now to build around.

But if we want to put ourselves into cup contending position then I think we need to rebuild more aggressively. Not an Oilers style 'tank' but definitely more proactive than we have been.

Again, it's a question of goals. We can improve relatively quickly (I mean how much worse can we be than this year?) but cup contention is a whole different ballgame. Hopefully the new GM understands this.

Also, he's dead on right when he says that we can't count on Markov. We can't. Anything he gives us is gravy. Plan that he's not going to be healthy and take anything he gives you as a bonus. If he's healthy all the way and returns to form it just makes us that much better. Too often we assume the best case scenario and don't plan for the worst. And that's the path to failure because the best case scenario rarely happens for any team.
Originally Posted by Shad View Post
Still don't know where all the PG hate is coming from. Then again, Montreal fans won't be happy with any GM, coach, or player unless they have a season record of 82-0-0 and a playoff record of 16-0. Even then something would be found to complain about.
I read these kinds of quotes and just have to laugh.

We've been stuck in neutral for the better part of two decades and since PG has taken over it's been no better. If you can't see the clown show that's taken place behind the scenes this year then I don't think anyone can really explain it to you.

Hab fans have good reason to be annoyed. You should be demanding more from your GM man.

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