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Originally Posted by kiwidevil View Post
I wish posters here were willing to put their name on the line when things go the opposite, in a good way for the team against what they predicted.

Rather than posters who say one thing(ie:supposed team flaw) then cry out "I knew this would happen" and point to that one certain view as the definitive downfall of the team, when we don't win.

So many people on here we so certain this team wouldn't even sniff the playoff's.
I think I was the only person in the Room to predict a 100+ point during the off season...I think I was told I was being a little over optimistic....LOL.

I was very nervous about the defense with the loss of White...I called it the worst in Devils history...Still pretty damn close to that right now but a few good things happened that I didn't think would happen...

1. Mark Fayne actually got better this season. Most people here thought he was just playing over his head and wasn't real...Even when was doing it last season people wanted to talk about how Urbom and Taormina were "above" him..With the benefit of hindsight that is quite ridiculous today. I never believed that totally but in the back of my mind I had my doubts whether or not that he could play well for a full season....He has exceeded expectations beyond believe. Fayne has played legit top 4minutes all season and has done an excellent job. He maybe the single biggest reason that this defense isn't complete dog crap.

2. Bryce Salvador has actually been so much better than I expected that I'm almost shocked by it. His last year before he was injured he was terrible. His positioning was erratic for a Stay at Home guy and he often seemed to be at the center of every mistake. Not so much this year and he has been more than an adequate White replacement this season.

3. Adam Larsson's Rookie Mistakes. Now, when I knew we were going with Fayne, Salvador and Larsson to start the season I think I soiled my pants a little bit. Questions marks surrounding Salvador and Fayne were real, throw in a rookie who is guaranteed to make costly mistakes coupled with two regulars who very well may not have performed at the NHL level and you have a very scary scenario for the Defense.

Larsson’s rookie mistakes were about what I expected but they aren’t as frequent as I expected and they aren’t any physical weaknesses like I expected....By that I mean I fully expected him to have a difficult time along the boards with some forwards and I've seen none of that, it actually has probably been a strength of his and quite surprising for a rookie...He still seems to not be fully aware of the time and space in the NHL and how quickly things happen but his season so far has been a lot better than I expected.

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